If you need “boarding” for your dog, I may be the best option! The happiness and safety of the animals in my care are my top priorities. My apartment is just one big room, so your dog will never be locked away in some back room or caged. Your dog can share my own king size bed or use one of several cozy dog beds I offer my guests to choose from. I do please request that you dogs be recently bathed since most of the time they choose my bed 🙂


All pricing is per dog.

Dog Sitting/Boarding:  $65/day=$50 “overnight”+ $15 “daycare” (see service details, timing structure, potential additional charges below)

Holidays and Holiday Weekend fee: Major Holidays and 3 day weekends are premium boarding days and will incur an additional $15/day for boarding on those days.

Home pickups/drop offs: $10-50 per home pickup / home drop off (price based on distance from Pour La Pooch / Justin’s apartment, by appointment) * This fee does not apply if you you pick up / drop off at Pour La Pooch or Justin’s Apartment

An overview of an entire day of Justin’s Dog Sitting / Boarding experience

  • Your dog will be typically be walked from 7:00 am-7:30 am around my neighborhood for morning defecation, then fed. If your dog is high energy, your dog will then be walked, jogged or hiked from 9am – 10am. Tues-Sat your dog will then spend from 11:30 am-7:00 pm at Pour La Pooch dog daycare, with a short midday defecation walk at 3pm, an additional defecation walk at 7:30pm and last defecation walk around 10 pm. Sundays and Mondays are hike/park time adventure days!
  • Your dog will not be caged and will have free roam of my apartment.
  • You will get pictures and videos updates of your dogs pet sitting experience. 

Definitions of services and fees:


An “Overnight”  is defined as when a dog is under Justin’s care between the hours of 7:00 pm -11:00 am the following day.  Justin’s “overnight” fee is $50.

Pour La Pooch “daycare” while boarding with Justin

When your dog is at Pour La Pooch daycare in conjunction with an “Overnight” with Justin, the “daycare” fee is $15.  This special price covers 6-12 hours of daycare at Pour La Pooch. This special price fee can be paid directly to Pour La Pooch or indirectly to Pour La Pooch via Justin.

“daycare” at Justins home

If your dog stays “overnight” with Justin, and continues to stay at Justin’s home after 11 am on a Sunday or Monday (Sunday Pour La Pooch is closed, and Monday is my day off from working at Pour La Pooch), a “daycare” at Justins home fee of $15 will be charged.   (This fee is covers time caring for your dog from 11am-7pm on a Sunday or Monday)

partial night

A “partial night” fee of $10-$30 can occur for late pickups that fall between 7pm and 10pm ($10/hour is charged for pickups at Justins home between 7pm-10pm)

Justin at Pour La Pooch Dog daycare

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